What did we learn at Social Day 2019?

Last week Ben and Mark headed to the capital. Destination? The Congress Centre on Great Russell Street. What a great venue for what was a great event. Three days of educational fun, with every speaker able to capture the entire room with inspiring stories plus facts and figures to back up their presentation points.

But what did we learn? Well TikTok’s huge, content is still king and Twitch is the next big thing.


Time is ticking to get on TikTok

We'd spent 10 minutes listening to the first talk from Dan Thorne (Guinness World Records' Social Media Manager) when he introduced us to a new platform that is taking off with young people between the ages of 13 and 23: TikTok. If you're reading this feeling clueless about TikTok, the following should get you up to speed.

In August 2019, TikTok merged with musical.ly and the app has grown ever since. On iOS it was the most downloaded social app of 2018, on Android it was fourth. Users can create short videos between 3 to 15 seconds (like Instagram when it first started or a longer version of Vine). It’s only going to grow with publishers and businesses starting to use the platform as their main distributer for short form content.

Amazon 1, YouTube 0

Amazon isn’t willing to lay down and let YouTube publish the highest share of video content online. Being the parent company of live streaming platform Twitch, Amazon has big plans which are starting to roll out as we speak. They’re introducing categories away from gaming to encourage vloggers, artists and industry professionals to use the platform.

Unlike YouTube, the sponsorship opportunities are endless on Twitch. Bradley McManus (Digital Director at AM Marketing) spoke about utilising the money-making element of the platform that starts with sponsorship, donations and brand deals. The most eye-opening moment of his presentation was learning that users spend twice the amount of time on Twitch than YouTube. The average watch time is a huge 95 minutes.

Different methods to try before deciding on video content

Everyone has their own approach when deciding on topics for branded content. Social Day opened our eyes to a couple of proven methods that you might want to try before running head-first into a decision on your content strategy. Alvin Hussey (now Commercial Director at Beano Studios) spoke about the ABC method which is great for deciding on your video content. ABC stands for Audience, Brand, Conversion. What is your audience? Is it true to your brand? What’s the end goal?

Natalie Sharpins (from Cision) spoke about the old trusted method that is still being used today by businesses before publishing any content. Very popular with journalists, the PUB method tests whether your content is relatable and engaging. Would you discuss this down the pub later? If you would, chances are others would too!

Video content is more important than video quality

Chris Kubby gave a key-note speech at the end of day one which we won’t forget in a hurry. He titled it ‘Nine lessons in business life and social media’. One of the lessons was on the quality of story-formed content and how we can create things in the digital marketing industry that costs nothing.

It's all about the narrative, not the fancy equipment or setting that you use. For example, the video below is recorded completely on a phone. The story is of an Uber Eats driver who goes above and beyond to deliver the order. Although the purpose is a sales message, the video comes across as authentic, has a great narrative and is engaging. Can you see a DSLR camera or a crew in sight?

The purpose of Twitter

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning Bruce Daisley’s (Head of Business for Twitter in Europe and MENA) presentation and the slide which highlights the purpose of Twitter. It is quite simply the place to launch something new, connect with what’s happening and to change the world. The first platform people go to when launching new social handles is Twitter, it’s easy to communicate with the audience you’re aiming for and finally by making your personal brand or company twitter-savvy you really are changing the world!

We were super proud sponsors of this year’s Social Day. Shout-out to Lucy Hall and Stuart Hall of Avviso Media for another fantastic event!

(All images used in this piece are from Edwin Ladd, the official Social Day photographer.)

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