5 ways to get a marketing internship through LinkedIn



5 ways to get a marketing internship through LinkedIn

In the marketing world, an internship is great way for you to demonstrate your work ethic to potential employers. You’ll also gain valuable experience which will automatically put you way ahead of other graduates.

The best way to land one of these roles is by getting yourself out there. Here are five ways that LinkedIn can help boost your chances.

1. Share past work

Look at LinkedIn as your portfolio page. If a potential employer was to check out your portfolio, what would they want to see? Easy: examples of your best pieces of work.

Whether it’s writing or visual, it’s easy post up regular articles through ‘LinkedIn Publishing’ or upload pictures and videos via the ‘start a post’ tool. Alongside your work, why not share a catchy behind the scenes anecdote? Or, write about how the project came together and why you are proud of it. Always remember to post your best work with pride!

2. Connect with potential employers

Sadly, your dream job isn’t going to come to you. You’ve got to go out there and find it! It’s a cliché term, but it’s true. Use LinkedIn to connect with the right people within businesses you’re interested in working for; it’s a great way to push them to check out your profile.

Don’t be scared to send messages on LinkedIn when connecting with senior people – they are human too. They’ll be impressed by your initiative and they could be keen to help ambitious and talented young people. Who knows, your dream job might just be a message away.

3. Engage with content

Engaging with other people’s content is a great way to build your connections, following and credibility on LinkedIn. The idea is to use your wisdom and creativity to respond to posts and to compliment campaigns or posts that you like. Your comments will appear in your connections newsfeeds and will encourage other people to look at your profile and connect with you.

4. Appear on No Fee Friday

Did you know that we host a LinkedIn series that specifically aims to land people with internships? Our founder Mark will have a video call with you where you can share your experience and what you’re looking for. We’ll then post it on our LinkedIn channel and expose you to thousands of employers.

In the past, No Fee Friday has seen success offering various students work experience and even permanent employment. To find out more, contact Mark: mark@redsprout.co.uk.

And finally…

5. Tailor your CV

We all know the importance of a good CV. Did you know you can actually upload your CV to LinkedIn for all to see? This tool is really helpful if your current employer knows you’re looking elsewhere. Read our previous blog post for tips about how to write a strong marketing CV.

We hope this has helped motivate you to find an internship. Remember, we’re here to help, so get in touch if you need any advice!

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