What’s the point in us making videos?



What's the point in us making videos?


If you follow us on LinkedIn, you may wonder why we spend so much time creating video content. DO SOME RECRUITMENT, you might think. 

Well, considering our videos are unscripted and lightly edited, making and uploading them only takes around an hour of our time.

BUT WHAT'S THE POINT, we hear you cry.

Okay, you may not be losing sleep over this subject. Either way, we had some pretty good news this week which has prompted us to write this post. We're taking the opportunity to share a bit of our journey and explain why video is such a big part of what we do.

Where did it start?

The reputation of our industry sometimes makes our job pretty difficult.  As recruiters, we're well aware that people don’t want to talk to us. Before you’ve even met us, your mind is made up. If you’re a business, no, you don’t have any jobs we can work on. If you’re a candidate, you’re happy in your job thanks, now please sod off.

It’s certainly a challenge, but one we’ve worked hard to overcome.

We’re specialist marketing recruiters; a small team of two and a half, having taken on a part-time intern. We work with digital experts, creatives, account managers and content creators, plus, reluctantly, anyone with acronyms followed by the word ‘ninja’, ‘superstar’ or ‘rock star’ in their job title.

Two years ago, we built RedSprout from scratch. We operate in a candidate-strong market, in an area experiencing a huge skills shortage. So, it was (and still is) vital that we stand out, to reach candidates who aren’t looking and wouldn’t otherwise see our job roles.

Where does video come in?

Fast forward to 2018 and video is way more than just an experiment.

It forms our business development strategy, candidate attraction strategy and is our only branding tool. With this in mind, our video marketing objectives are clear: to win new business, to generate interest in jobs and to develop a strong brand identity for ourselves.

Believe it or not, it works.

And we’ve only gone and won an award for it.

That’s right, the lovely judges at the Social Media Marketing Awards deemed us worthy of ‘Best Use of Video 2018’. We didn’t even bribe them.

What now?

So, now that we’ve recovered from our jagerbomb hangovers (which you can witness here), we just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks for sticking around and watching our content. We love making videos and we’re so happy to have got this far. Now, back to the day job. Recruitment is calling!


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