4 of the best free digital marketing courses



4 of the best free digital marketing courses


We have one piece of advice for those of you who work in marketing: DON’T GET COMFORTABLE!

Whatever area you specialise in, you always need to up-skill to stay on top of trends and ensure your campaigns are effective. The marketing industry is one that evolves at an alarming pace. One minute you’ll be learning the ropes of PPC, the next you’ll be at a conference on the future of AI.

If you’re not worried about robots coming for your job, quite frankly, you should be. Stay ahead of the competition (human or otherwise) by embarking on one of the short courses below. You’ll impress your team with new ideas and you never know, it could lead to a promotion or a better opportunity…

HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification Course

Struggling to get discovered by potential customers? This free course is all about bringing together your content strategy, conversion optimisation and sales to generate inbound enquiries. You’ll learn how to attract strangers, convert visitors and close leads.

This one’s great if you’re a marketer looking to broaden your digital skill-set. It includes 38 lectures, plus a certification at the end – all for free!


Moz SEO Training Course

 This course is perfect for anyone who wants to brush up on their SEO knowledge. It might be a little intense for complete beginners, but those who have an understanding of the basics will enjoy this course.

It covers strategy development, link building, site audits and SEO fundamentals. It’s all free and includes over three hours of video, as well as a certification!


WordStream PPC University

This course is less interactive than the others. It’s mostly text-based, which makes it ideal for learning on your lunch break. You can dip in and out and skip any topics that you’re already confident in.

WordStream also provides some fantastic white papers and webinars about PPC that you can share with your team. Plus, it’s all free!


Google Digital Garage

One of the more well-known training tools, Google Digital Garage is a free service that covers a wide variety of topics. You can select what you want to learn about or complete the entire course for a Google certification.

It’s another one which is great to dip into on your lunch break. When you complete each topic, you’ll unlock a badge; giving the feel of a gaming quest rather than a tough exam!

So, check out some of those courses and start learning in your spare time. The fact you’re making the effort to learn outside of work will look great on your CV and help you land an exciting new job.


Have you completed any online courses? Let us know your favourite ones!

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