5 ways to make your marketing CV stand out



5 ways to make your marketing CV stand out


If you work in marketing, you might think you’ve nailed your CV. After all, it's a way to promote yourself, and that's what you do for a living. 

Well, you’d be surprised at how many CVs we see from successful marketers that fail to get us excited. It’s baffling. You win actual awards for your branding work; why are you so rubbish at branding yourselves?!

Anyway, this is all tough love. Promise. Here’s a few ways to spruce up your CV and capture the attention of your dream employer.


Ditch the clichés

Is ‘dynamic’ really the best way to describe yourself? Are you seriously ‘passionate’ about PPC? Let’s be honest. No one is passionate about PPC.

Instead, why not talk about how much satisfaction you get from seeing your PPC campaigns deliver great results? Talk about those results. Say how you enjoy experimenting with different strategies. The proof is in the pudding!

When it comes to describing yourself, avoid the classics like ‘organised’ and ‘innovative’. Use a thesaurus. Or, ask friends and colleagues to describe you. You’ll have a more honest and authentic angle that will make your CV refreshing to read.

Get to the point

With employers spending an average of just 6 seconds scanning a CV, every word counts. Be concise. Don’t waffle on about being a team player. That's expected! 

Try to stick to relevant, interesting details. If you’re a PR Manager, applying for a PR job, there’s no point talking about press releases and media relations – the employer knows you do this from your job title. 

You’re better off listing some key PR achievements on your CV. Event attendance, coverage gained, awards won. Or, if you’ve worked with some big brands, show off your client base. All of this will demonstrate what you do, and how well you do it, without wasting valuable space.

Talk numbers

Call yourself a results-driven marketer? Prove it!

How much web traffic did you generate through your AdWords campaign? How did you increase social engagement? How was customer satisfaction improved?

If you’re going for a data-led or strategic role, this type of content is really important. Don’t presume you’ll have the opportunity to talk about this stuff at interview stage. Secure the interview by proving to the employer how much value you can add to their company.

Get creative

Design wise, the best CVs we see are modern and minimal. Sometimes they have a splash of colour; if used subtly, it looks great.

If you’re going for a role at a creative agency, whoever is looking at your CV will have a natural eye for design. Play to this and impress them with your attention to detail.

If your design skills are limited to Paint and WordArt, try using a Canva template. It’s a free tool that lets you create contemporary CVs that you can personalise and edit. It’s super easy and your CV will look nicely polished.

Ask for advice

As recruiters, we read hundreds of CVs in a week. We, too, are guilty of not spending much time reading them – but that’s because we know what to look out for and can quickly pick up on the key details.

If you’d like a second pair of eyes on your CV, we’ll happily tell you where you can make improvements.

It’s worth having a chat with us about your skills and what you’re looking for, so that we can help make sure your CV puts you in the best light possible.

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